• Send us an email with details of the situation you are in and the grievance/ complaint you would like us to register. We are also available for informal support if you feel at risk lodging an official complaint. We can advise and counsel you through this process while maintaining confidentiality and taking steps to ensure your safety.

  • In situations of sexual harassment, what you can do?

  1. Complain to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)


  1. Complain to the Women’s Cell Women’s Cell will address the complaint and forward it to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) depending on the situation

What support does the Women’s Cell offer you?

  • discusses the case with you and advises you on the way forward

  • takes your case and its repercussions seriously

  • maintains confidentiality

  • addresses the respondent in a manner it deems fit after judging the merits of the case

  • issues redressal and punitive measures where applicable

  • forwards the complaint to the ICC for an independent inquiry and action where suitable