• To work towards a gender-sensitive community in which women and men are equal participants in society

  • To be a forum for open dialogue and discussion on gender issues for men and women


Every citizen of the country, male and female, enjoys the right to education and employment in an environment of safety and security. The Constitution of India provides for 'Gender Equality' and the 'Right to Life and Liberty' to all persons under Articles 14, 19 and 21. It is thus the duty and mandate of every organization to provide for maintenance of the fundamental rights to live and work with dignity for all employees, male and female.

At the same time, persons sometimes face violations of their fundamental rights. This necessitates the establishment of safeguards to provide gender equality. Due to the historical reasons, working women often face difficulties and challenges at the workplace, thereby necessitating the need for protective measures that safeguard women's rights and safety. The Women's Cell of IIT Hyderabad has been established in accordance with the Supreme Court Directives for Women at the Work place.

Aims and objectives of the Women's Cell

  • To facilitate a gender-sensitive environment enabling women and men to maximize their potential

  • To provide a safe working environment in which women and girls can work and study without threats to their safety

  • To safeguard the issues and concerns of all women and girls working and studying in the institute

  • To deal with cases of workplace sexual/psychological/emotional harassment in a timely, appropriate and just manner

Activities proposed as part of the Women's Cell

  • Gender sensitization lectures and workshops for students/faculty/staff

  • Lecture series by eminent academicians and inspirational personalities

  • Competitions on gender themes to encourage students to think about gender issues

  • Institution of awards to outstanding and deserving female students and staff

  • Celebration of International Women's Day

Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace

According to the Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill, 2010, no woman can be subjected to sexual harassment at the workplace in the form of unwelcome sexual conduct. The term sexual harassment covers a range of unwelcome sexual behaviors that include:

  1. Physical contact and advances;

  2. A demand or request for sexual favors;

  3. Sexually colored remarks;

  4. Showing pornography;

  5. Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non - verbal conduct of a sexual nature

The Women's Cell of IIT Hyderabad is committed to addressing cases of sexual/emotional/psychological harassment and providing appropriate mechanisms for redressal of such issues. This is done through the setting up of in independent Enquiry Committee to investigate the issue in detail. After a systematic and thorough enquiry, appropriate action would be taken in accordance with the case in question.

What to do if you are being harassed?

  • Persons who have been victims of emotional/sexual harassment may approach the conveners of the Women's Cell either in person / email / phone to discuss their concerns.

  • After consideration of the issue, they may choose whether to record their complaint.

Utmost care would be taken to approach the issue in a sensitive manner and protect the confidentiality and dignity of persons involved.