Gender, Public Spaces, and Safety by Dr. A. Suneetha

As a part of lecture series organized by Women's cell, Dr. A. Suneetha , Senior Fellow and Coordinator, Anveshi Research Centre for Women's Studies, Hyderabad, had delivered a talk on Gender, Public Spaces, and Safety. The talk was conducted on February 15, 2013 at 3.30pm in Lecture hall-1, IITH.
Abstract of the talk:
In the aftermath of Delhi gang rape incident, concerns regarding women's safety in public spaces have come to the centre stage in the public discussion. The interactive session discussed issues concerning safety for women and men in public spaces. It asked what women and men think of public safety; if they share common concerns; what the differences in their notions of security are and if there is a need for addressing such differentials today.

Dr. A. Suneetha during her talk

The audience

Dr. Shubha Ranganathan (Women's cell convener) presenting a small token of appreciation to the speaker.